About author

Goran Bojovic, Ph.D., was born in 1965 in Pec, Kosovo and Metohija, in the family that was given geographical impulse by his father, Bojko Bojovic, Ph.D. He finished elementary and high school in his hometown.

He graduated from the Faculty of Geography in Pristina in 1995.

He finished his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade in 1999 with thesis ‘Tourist Valorization of Metohija’. He defended his Ph.D. dissertation “The complementarity of Mountain and Spa Tourism of Kopaonik and its Foothills’ at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, in Novi Sad, in 2011.

So far, he published a book ‘Tourism of Metohija’ as well as eight works and several publications in journals of Serbian Geographical Society, Institute of Geography at the Faculty of Mathematics in Novi Sad, Mountaineering Association and Educational Review.