Kopaonik and Spas in its Foothills

Here you can see tourismological monograph of Kopaonik and spas in its foothills. Technical materials collected for a long time (around seven years), numerous consultations with professors and colleagues, twelve stays on Kopaonik and at the described spas, field observations, photo shooting and long walks resulted in Ph.D. dissertation “Complementarity of mountain and spa tourism of Kopaonik”. Dissertation preceding the monograph was defended at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management at the University of Novi Sad on April 12, 2011. Publication of three expert works in the field of tourism and tourism trends preceded preparation and printing of tourismological monograph: “Tourist frequency in spas of Kopaonik foothills”, by Bojovic G. and Plavsa J., 2010, Memoir of the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, Novi Sad; “SWOT Analysis” by Bojovic G. and Plavsa J., 2011, Tourism, Novi Sad; “ Complementarity of mountain and spa tourism of Kopaonik”, by Bojovic G., 2012, Journal of SGD, Belgrade.

The monograph was published on 273 pages in 12 chapters with the addition related to demographic and statistical data of the explored area and it is supplemented with 109 tables, 113 pictures, 5 maps, 2 sketches and 46 graphs. In order to be easily accessible to scholars and travel enthusiasts, the monograph is also presented in electronic format on www.kopaonikibanjeupodgorini.com.

Due to its structure complexity and the results of current researches, the monograph “Kopaonik and spas in its foothills” is primarily dedicated to scientists, geographers and especially tourismologists but it will certainly be a useful companion to all travel lovers going to mountains and spas of this part of Serbia. The area explored offers unimaginable possibilities of enjoying the unusual, and not only, the natural beauty of Kopaonik and its spa foothills. Some new perspectives with a strong emphasis on recreational function, especially in the spas described and modeled on positive experience of competition from neighbouring countries, will bring this area much faster, more organized and more environmentally cleaner tourism development, to which, as the author of this monograph, I hope.

The monograph in its entirety or segments is open for cooperation so as to enhance, complement and enrich the topic, as well as for any honest and professional critical opinion.

I am very grateful to my family for their support, sacrifice and understanding for all of my absence, during the day on the field, and processing the data during the night, which enabled me to have this monograph presented to the general public. My immense gratitude for wholehearted professional commitment and consultation goes to Jovan Plavsa Ph.D. and Stevan Stankovic Ph.D. as well as numerous colleagues from various backgrounds and activities related to the area of Kopaonik and the described spas.